Farm Fresh Pickles
Pickles are our passion.
Break Free From The Jar
Our pickles are refrigerated in
100% recyclable plastic containers.
Cool Pickle Fact In the Pacific Islands, natives pickle their foods in holes, and use them as food reserves in case of storms. Pickles are so valuable that they've become part of the courting process, helping a man prove he'll be able to provide for a woman. In Fiji, guys can't get a girl without first showing her parents his pickle pits!

About Us

Over 25 years ago, Erwin Hartman moved from Long Island to Florida to pursue his dream of producing the best pickle on the planet. The kind that he ate at the local deli as a kid growing up in Brooklyn. His goal was to create the freshest, crunchiest, most flavorful pickle possible. He learned the secret was taking a freshly picked Florida cucumber, quickly placing it through the brining process, and then immediately delivering to customers. It was "farm to table" freshness before that term was even en vogue!

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